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So, there’s this girl, let’s name her Angie

Angie has been through many trials

From physical and sexual abuse

To illness and daddy issues

The ones who were supposed to protect her

Broke her

Poor Angie

Let’s take it back to when Angie was 17, she met a guy

Let’s name him Charlie

Charlie had kind eyes

Beautiful smile

And lips so juicy she just wanted to kiss

Angie and Charlie would talk on the phone every single night

The moment she decided to give herself to him

He changed her whole life

She believed she had a good man

A kindred spirit

When sickness controlled her body

He took care of her

Through each surgery he was there

Feeding her, bathing her, dressing her

Even wiping her tears

Unfortunately, as the old saying goes

“It’s quiet before the storm “

She never knew the man she loved could be so cruel

Of course, there were signs

But she was in love, so she was blind

Angie’s family adored him, and Charlie’s family welcomed her

Friends assumed they were the perfect couple

Everything was so damn “PERFECT” right?

Poor Angie

Charlie insisted on entertaining other women

This left Angie feeling unloved, unwanted, ugly, and unworthy

The first time he hit her, those kind eyes turned black

She became afraid of a man she once trusted with her life

Friends begged her to leave but it was too late

Angie was in love

She thought if she was better

Charlie would change

Poor Angie

After years of abuse, other women, unexplainable bruises

Weight loss and depression

She looked in the mirror and no longer recognized herself

She didn’t even want to live anymore

Despite the odds, she pulled herself out of sorrow

Go Angie!

Things were decent with Charlie for a while

She convinced herself he had changed

Once again, he slipped up

Now Angie is living far away from him

Near the captivating ocean

Just 21, single, and made friends

She is finally happy

The joy that was drained from her life

Came back times two

She finally found peace with him out of the picture

Although, she still wasn’t fully over what Charlie put her through

She began going out, drinking, and receiving a lot of attention

She felt pretty again

Charlie always made her feel so low

She ignored compliments from others

Now she’s feeling so high

She’s on top of the world

Even her friends notice she had this glow

Angie met a guy

Let’s name him Jimmy

Jimmy was so different from Charlie

Dreads in his head, gold in his grill, covered in tattoos

And the most magnetic eyes she had ever stared into

Angie loved his vibe

He was so relaxed, down to earth

And when he smiled he bit his bottom lip

This drove her crazy!

She tried to resist it but there was no fighting it

She fell for him

She trusted him with her life

For the first time she felt safe

She just knew he would never hurt her like Charlie did

Well, once again poor Angie was a fool

He was entertaining other women

Began verbally abusing her

Constantly putting her down

She started to feel herself slipping away

Poor Angie

So many nights of tears

This was fucking Déjà vu

Angie began feeling unworthy again

Jimmy broke her heart

For some reason she stayed anyways

Telling herself if she was better he would change

Of course, she was wrong again

Angie is now done with Jimmy

That was heartbreak number two

Now she’s on her knees crying


She would rather be sick in the hospital with I. V’s

Begging the doctor, “Please cut this heart out of me

I don’t want it anymore”

In the shower crying so hard she can’t breathe

Feels like the walls are closing in

Poor Angie

She looked in the mirror but this time it was different

She wiped her tears and she could feel her heart shrink

At that exact moment the old Angie died

The good girl was gone

Something evil took over her

She made a vow to never love again

She smiled an evil grin

From now on, all men need to proceed with caution

Angie is no longer interested in what’s on your mind or in your heart

She is focused on your wallet

Take her shopping, on trips, first class only, of course

Never get to close

She will break your heart with no remorse

Vanish without a trace

She becomes a ghost

Angie is going to push away every man that comes her way

She’s aware of that but she would rather be alone than heartbroken

One thing no one will ever say again is, poor Angie

Moral of the story is

Never treat a good girl like shit

Imagine this

You see her five years later thinking, damn she’s still got it

But that heart that used to beat for you is now rock solid

And if you haven’t figured this out by now……

Hi, I’m Angie….

From the book titled : Tales of a Broken Girl*

To order your copy follow @rae.of.faith_93 on IG

-Rae B