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December 30, 2021

Luck NxtUp is a Midwest artist, touching both the Hip Hop and R&B spectrums of music. His music mixes both fast choppa style and slow melodic deliveries with wide vocal ranges.

“I hope to build a solid fan base of like minded individuals and to continue to give them great music for years to come. The fact that I can sing and rap is definitely a plus, throughout my whole debut album I tried to just show the versatility of my ranges, I also can touch on a lot of subjects.”

NxtUp is dedicated to providing quality music for people either going through challenges in life, turning up with the bros, or just riding around in their own world. He truly loves making music and hopes to convey that to his audience.

“I help out not financially but with humility… I focus on more of the mental aspects of those around me and see how I can uplift them to achieve more. Whether it's getting a new job or going back to school; I just want people to be the best they can be because I know what it's like to live worse than bad.”

One of his biggest hobbies and interests is being a father to his daughters.

“ I go hard for me and mine; but also for the ones that have been with me since I was just high asf freestyling in a basement or at a house party with no real desire to take it seriously.”

Dream project:

It would be a collaboration with either Drake, Tory Lanez, or J Cole.

My weakness:

It is finishing a song! Lmao I’ll get a nasty hook written and practice it like 1000 times and then write the first verse …but that second verse gets written like 2 days after the first verse. Something will happen around me and boom; I got a new hook popped in my head… Its tragic!😂

Musician Comparison: