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An Artist’s Life & Inspiration

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Bewar B favorite parts of being an artist are fans, concerts and working with different people at the festivals. His least favorite part is that it can “sometimes it can be a little too much.”

“Not that I do not like it, but it may be that you have some bad days or something like that.”

Hoping to go international very soon, he sees himself making a banger with 50 Cent.

“With his and my flow together. It will be a thunderous track.”

Making a song can take 15 minutes or days to complete, it depends. Bewar B uses music to air out his thoughts.

“I feel free from everything and everyone. I do not have to think about things…and work on something I like.”

His biggest inspiration is his father. Alongside 50 cent. One of the rappers he listens to daily.

“In the past, he was part of a well-known band in his home country. He had told me that when I got older and it inspired me to become an artist myself. Not only my dad inspires me, but also 50 cent. He is one of the many I listen to daily and is a great inspiration to me. The way he raps and flows. It's just amazing.”

Things Bewar B Enjoys:

My best friend


My family

Connect with him today for collaborations and more!

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