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A True Jersey Native

Kerima Richardson (Kay$rich) a model, actress, mother and businesswoman just to name a few titles. A true Jersey native , with her most recent interests in music Kay$rich has dropped her first single (Bounce) featuring Mic Ultra.

She always had a passion for creating. In 2019 Ms. Rich would enter the world of media broadcasting by curating the “ Girl Air It Out” podcast, one of her many accomplishments.

Kay has also been published in many magazines Which inspired her to create her own Rich Bish Magazine, Roads 2 Riches magazine to give opportunities to upcoming models, artists and creators on her Platform.

As a creator herself/business woman Kay says it’s more to her as she embarks on new adventures like organizing more fashion shows, artist showcases and she goes on and talks about her latest development All Stars MusicGroup.

For more information check her out on @theshowkasetv and @videocitytv.

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