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A Soulful MC

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Zonte Sirod is from Indianapolis, originally raised in Minneapolis. His daily motivation is his family.

“I got folks that’s sick and I want them to see me successful before the lord call them home. I also want to show my kids a better life and that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.”

Outside of music Zonte loves to hoop. When it’s not basketball, he’s with his best friends… his children.

“I play a lot. I go to lots of museums and travel a lot. I’m very outgoing. I like to have fun. I also

Love just hanging with my children.”

His biggest musical strength is he produce and write his own music. He hopes one day to collab with 9th wonder or NO ID. That or a feature from Jay Z. My favorite rapper.

“I listen to a lot of different genres and appreciate the art. What makes me so unique is mv voice and style. I am a very unique soulful MC.”

In the next five to ten years Zonte will have a song on 3 charts. His other top 3 goals includes writing a R&B album for a artist, produce multiple hits, and build his production company ;navigating to filmmaking.

“I just want the world to know we I am here to create a vibe with dope lyricism. I pride myself on bars but I also pride myself on being original.”

(3) rappers Compared to?

“Cause I like being different and an individual. I have a very distinct sound. But if I can say what others say I remind them off. I do say.. maybe Nas, a J Cole, or Kanye cause I produce.”

Are you or your business involved in the community?

“Me and the boys from Dark Horse alliance stay involved. Either we do a free performer to raise awareness for various causes and I personally volunteer in my free times with Indy volunteers network to help feed the homeless. I plan on doing a back to school give away concert this year.”

Your weakness?

“My weakness is I’m fast paced and my marketing skills can get better. I need to be more patient with my music.”

Don’t forget to check out his collection and keep up with him HERE

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