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A Driven Human Being!

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Sophia, a driven human being, took 8 months to create her first project "S.O.S"(Sophia's Onto Something).She’s a Singer-Songwriter, musician, freestylist, dancer and livid creator from Massachusetts, USA.

“My first live performance was back in September.My dream project is establishing a studio and label for recording/engineering and photoshoots, etc., just an overall business establishment for creative people to learn, grow and flourish in.”

She will be entering the second year of her career on her 22nd birthday, 04/29/2022.

Sophialfa latest 9 - track release, “FULL CIRCLE” dropped on 2-22-22.

“I’m currently seeking collaborations in music and elsewhere.I wouldn’t mind being compared to Rihanna, Sia, or Tinashe / SZA, mostly because of what they’ve accomplished and how they represent themselves through their music.”

In the next five years (27 years old) she sees herself in a totally different place geographically, financially, and musically. In ten years:

“I see myself with a family, celebrating life everyday and how great it has and will continue to be to me. I consider myself lucky to have found my passion when I was 20 years old, and not later OR younger.”

Chasing success and doing what makes her happy is why she creates this world for herself.

“My “why” is satisfying myself. I don’t worry about anything other than myself and how I can keep my mom and future family proud.”

Making music is fun and enjoyable. Sophia uses this outlet to develop her self discipline and figure out what helps induce her motivation.

“I have strengths in melodies and adding pleasing tones. I love layering my takes and using my full range in my songs whenever possible. My favorite part of recording has to be hearing my high notes outshine my normal range because the human ear hears higher frequencies more, and putting MY adlibs among my tracks (mwah, ha-ha-ha, yuh, huh, what?).”

Currently, she is trying to manage being a full-time student and creator. Despite being so determined to succeed, she can be lazy when balancing all of my responsibilities.

“I prioritize badly because I base what I need to do on interest. For example, I’m not interested in spending time on my homework, so instead I’ll market my music for hours.”

Officially, she will release any more work until after I graduate college. Sophia just released a 14-track mixtape with a year left of my education.

“I’m grateful for how things are panning out…I'll be able to promote my work until I graduate in 2023 because I’m not worried about creating new music. I can focus on finishing my degrees this spring and fall. I’ll be recording and writing songs this summer.”

She wants to give back and live a full life doing what she loves; creating and expressing the many versions of herself.

Some hobbies and interests include:

Dancing, reading, editing photos, and making money :)

She can be found on all streaming and social platforms.

Check out this bright sensation HERE!

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