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Fire 🔥

The woman that was birthed into chaos

Childhood filled with monsters   

Never feeling safe

Never having a sense of security

Always on high alert

Never being able to trust fully

Because the people who were supposed to protect her

Lied constantly

They never pulled those monsters off of her in the middle of the night

Even ignored her cries as she begged for help

She is now an adult with this fire inside

She tries to keep hidden

Afraid she could burn the entire world with one outburst

Even warns people to please be careful with her

If you can’t do certain things  to help with her peace of mind

It will be mental and physical torment for her

She has fought her entire life

Being strong has become a burden now

She’s an over thinker

Over analyzing every word


Body movement

Facial expression

She had to learn these tactics to survive

She can be difficult some days

Push people away

Self sabotage

Because in her subconscious she believes

She’s just too broken to be loved

No one really cares for her

She’s a burden

A freak

Who in their right mind would ever choose her……

She doesn’t admit these thoughts to anyone

Just tries to hide what’s brewing inside


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