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I use to be a good girl all in love & shit

Stayed loyal to that brotha & he played me like a bitch

Now I'm heartless as shit saying fuck a relationship I'm just tryna get money make it flip & get rich

So buddy fuck where u came from & fuck yo interests

I just wanna be on the scene with bad bitches gettin lit .

All u clown ass niggas need to stay in my rear view

I don't need u in front of me

You jus gon fuck with my mental

 I got tunnel vision all I see is money , money , money

& shorty shakin ass for 20s keep Rastas around me Just in case u feelin froggy

I gotta smoke weed daily to keep myself from going crazy

And I just bought a new 40

So I'm beggin a bitch to try me .

I got my own money ain't shit a nigga can buy me ... flying private to a island with my loyal bitches beside me

Breaking niggas hearts don’t give a fuck about they wallet

To be continued


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