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Raw Emotions

When Young Btw creates music his goal is to inspire and give people somebody to relate too! The ultimate goal is to become global.

“I’m different from your average artist.I have always loved music since I was a child.”

The music Young Btw creates is based on how he’s feeling at the moment. He simply finds a beat and vibe out and puts his raw emotions and real trauma in it.

“My musical journey started when I was incarcerated in federal prison. I was in the hole for 8 months for getting in trouble. I had a lot of time to think about my life and I started personal therapy writing music. I was released and was going to pursue opening my barbershop but decided otherwise because of covid. So music became my love.”

His next project is called 4EverYoung! It’s about life’s trials and tribulations. the good, the bad and ugly. There is a vibe for every mood on this project.

“Hopefully you all love it! I want all my fans to know that I appreciate all the love and support! And I will strive to keep creating authentic music.”

The most challenging part about his current release was the timing.

“I felt rushed and the contract had to get lawyers involved and my music took off. I sat on it for almost a year because of people that didn’t have my best Interest. So I rushed the release when I got my rights back. I lost a lot of time and wasted my own personal money.”